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There is an amazing quote by Carl Sagan, ‘Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.’ So, nobody ever can say that I have learned everything, and there is nothing more to learn, and I know everything. Learning is unlimited. Teaching, learning and knowing about the school subjects is not the education and it is not limited to schools or colleges. It is a lifelong process. It is full of discoveries. It is full of things to learn and absorb which make our minds more active.
Each new day has innumerable new things to be explored. But first of all we need to have a start at home, from mother and with the siblings. Children need to have curiosity about many things. They need to ask why of many things; for it is through this that their thirst for wanting to know will be quenched. Parents and teachers should never become a hindrance for their curiosity when they raise the questions about anything but should contribute as much as possible to their growing young minds. Every child is like a young seedling which should be taken care with love. They should be helped as much as possible to excel in all the fields. They should be helped to imbibe with discipline, social sensitivity, traditional values and culture of locality.

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